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Your Privacy Protection is Assured

Protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information is fundamental to the way I conduct business. To me, providing you with the best customer service includes handling your personal information with great care and respect.
I take precautions – including administrative, technical, and physical measures – to safeguard your personal information against loss, theft, and misuse, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.
When you register with me, I agree to protect the privacy of that information in compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. Since January 1st, 2004, this Act requires every organization to obtain the consent of individuals before collecting, using or disclosing personal information in the course of commercial activity.
Integrity of Your Personal Information
As a client, you have entrusted me with your personal information such as your name, address, phone number and business details. This information is recorded in your file, stored on bank-level secure Internet servers, and hosted in multi-million dollar data centers. The information is only accessed by authorized by me to help answer questions regarding your account. More specifically, I use this information to communicate with you.
How I Protect Your Information
I protect your information at all times with appropriate safeguards and security measures. My strict security standards protect my system and your personal information against unauthorized access or use.
When I Disclose Information
I take your privacy very seriously. Be assured that I do not sell or rent your contact information to other marketers. To help me provide superior service, your personal information may be shared with legal entities if required who will safeguard it in accordance with my privacy policy. At times, I may provide information to companies that we have a strategic relationship with or that perform work for me to provide products and services to you on our behalf. These companies may help us process information, extend credit, fulfill customer orders, deliver services to you, manage and enhance customer data, provide customer service, assess your interest in our products and services, or conduct customer research or satisfaction surveys. These companies are also obligated to protect your personal information in accordance with my policies. Without such information being made available, it would be difficult for you to purchase products, have services provided for you, receive customer service, provide us feedback to improve our products and services, or access certain services, offers, and content on my website.
Use of your Personal Information
I identify the purpose for which your personal information is collected and will be used or disclosed. If that purpose is not listed below I will do this before or at the time the information is actually being collected. You will be deemed to consent to our use of your personal information for the purpose of:
1. communicating with you generally
2. processing your purchases
3. processing and keeping track of transactions and reporting back to you
4. protecting against fraud or error
5. providing products and services requested by you
6. recommending products, services and events that I believe will be of interest and provide value to you
7. performing statistical analyses of user behaviour and characteristics, in order to measure interest in and use of the various sections of this site so as to improve design and navigation and to gather marketing information. Only aggregated data from these analyses, not individual data, will be used for this purpose.
8. personalizing online advertisements that I believe will be of interest and provide value to you
9. fulfilling any other purpose that would be reasonably apparent to the average person at the time we collect it from you
10. improving my products and services (such as leveraging transactional data to improve search and ranking, or transcribing demos to improve SEO ranking)
11. complying with legal and governmental requirements
12. providing information to research partners and academics that advances scholarship and innovation that support my business or mission, and enhances discovery and innovation on topics relating to the advancement of my voice over work.
You Benefit From Personalized Service
Access to your personal information also enables me to offer you more personalized service. The better I know you, the better I am able to respond to your needs. With a clear understanding of your personal situation, I can offer informed advice and assist you now and in the future.
Your Right to Access, Update and Correct Your Information at Anytime
I trust and value the accuracy of your personal information. At all times, you have the right to ask for access to the information in your file and request that I update your file for accuracy or correct any errors.
Your Right To Withdraw From Data Collection
I respect your right to privacy and make it easy to withdraw from data collection, specifically by blocking cookies and unsubscribing from emails.  By withdrawing consent, consequently, I may not be able to offer as personalized of a service by phone, email or on the Web. If you’d like to withdraw from data collection, simply email to make your request.
Serving You Better
I thank you for your business and look forward to continuing to serve you. If you have any questions or concerns, they can be sent to me at

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